Furniture as Art: Finding the Sculptural in Everyday Décor

Sculptural elements are for more than just fine art: we love to see furniture and lighting that takes on a sculptural edge!

 Sculpture itself refers to the branch of visual arts that operates in three dimensions, and uses a material like stone, metal, ceramics, or wood to name a few. While all furniture is 3-D, we love to design with furniture and lighting pieces that take on the artistic look people often associate with sculpture. When funky furniture and lighting is used, it can often resemble a piece of art all its own!

Here are a few picks of our favorite sculptural pieces.

Let’s go Gothic with this beautiful chandelier complete with chain detail and gorgeous faux candles. The two-tiers of the chandelier give it a certain elegance, while the sheer size definitely upgrades this to a statement piece. Setting the tone for the rest of the room, we love the way the black accents can be seen throughout the room, like the drapery hardware and the line of black chairs. The black adds plenty of edge to the space, but there is enough neutral and green in the room so it doesn’t look overwrought with darkness. We love this piece and think it shows how the right chandelier can completely make the room!

Wood and Metal Dining Table from Stanton Home Furnishing
featured on

The next piece we love is this gorgeous table with wooden base, that again, sets the tone for the entire room. We love bringing in the element of wood to a space, as it gives any area that natural, earthy quality - and the sexy shape of this piece brings even more to the table. The curvature of the base gives us that “work of art” feel we are going for, while making this table such a stand-out.

Oley Bubble Chandelier featured on 

Ready for more art? This bubble art lighting fixture gives so much character and interest to the space! We’re always ready for a fun twist on the traditional lighting fixture, and this piece is no exception! It succeeds at creating a real art house vibe to this hallway, and the sculpture on the left only adds to the artsy appeal. The all-white lamps, tables and planters, coupled with some coral reef, create a beautiful look that compliments the lighting fixture well. The bubble-fied fixture creates a great focal point for the hallway and provides the sculptural look we know and love.

Spike Fixture by Amy D. Morris for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas House 2010

Finally, we bring you a spiky delight that lives where a lighting fixture might, but offers way more in the visual interest department. This spiky piece is a creative and fun work of art! Not only do we love that the piece matches the boldly black walls, we are also crazy about the gold bookshelves that weave in and out of the space. The gold looks just perfect against the black walls, and the spike details on the books match the larger spiked piece perfectly. Another example of how the right piece can make a whole room not only look put together, but like a beautiful work of art.