Featured Artist~ Windy O'Connor

Featured Artist

Windy O'Connor

I'm excited to introduce you to the lovely and talented Windy O'Connor as the second featured artist in my blog series!

As stated in my first featured artist post, I've decided to use my blog to introduce you to talented, local, well priced artists in hopes of helping you find something that speaks to you.  If you see an artist here that you like, I encourage you to visit their personal website and to see their work in person.

I sat down with my fellow ECU alum to chat about her journey to becoming a talented and sought after fine artist.  To my surprise it was a mere 5 years ago that Windy first picked up a paint brush!  Since that day, she has painted everyday, feeling that something is missing if not.

Windy is passionate about learning new techniques, always open to trying and testing new ideas.  The result is a broad range of subject matter and color palette.  She specializes primarily in oils, using many mediums including cold wax, encaustic, acrylic, latex, paper, wire, string and anything else that she thinks can add life to a painting.  She views each of her paintings as an attempt to disconnect from the reality of her subject through expressionism and abstraction. Paint is usually the subject of each piece and energy is what drives her work.

Below are just a few of her current pieces~


WISHFUL THINKING  25"x20"  $950 at allison sprock fine art

wishful thinking



from her love letter series

30"x30" in acrylic ghost frame  $1900 at allison sprock fine art

open your heart


ROLLER COASTER 36"x30"  $1800 

roller coaster


DO'S AND DON'TS  24"x36"  $1550

do's and don'ts


COCKTAIL TIME  36"x 30"  $1900

cocktail time


18"x18"  $850  








All images provided by Windy O'Connor


more about Windy...

Windy O’Connor has studied under the guidance of Kelli Sanford and is currently a student with Andy Braitman. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from East Carolina University and her life long passions include music, theatre, and art.  Windy is a wife and mother and currently living in Charlotte, NC.  She is the winner of the 2012 Art With Heart Emerging Artist Competition.


A bit about Allison @ allison sprock fine art... 

I am fortunate to have this charming fine art gallery within walking distance of my office.  It's a darling space previously occupied by fellow Charlotte Interior Designer Gail Brinn Wilkins' studio, now home to the lovely and welcoming allison sprock fine art.  

Allison is a joy to get to know and in doing so I learned we have quite a bit in common!  She too started her business in historic Charleston SC, has an appreciation of a wide range of original art, an enthusiasm for her helping her clients find what speaks to them, and is a dog lover at heart with a dog friendly gallery with treats at the ready for their furry visitors!  What more could you ask for?!

For more information, please contact~

allison sprock fine art
600 Queens Road Charlotte, NC 28207

Thank you for reading and for your comments!  

Which piece is your favorite?