Client Interview!


The following is an interview by Designwriting with a dear client of ours... 


After enduring the same design for 23 years, one couple makes the bold move to completely overhaul their dining room. Here are our adventures together! 

“We were dealing with your typical dining room, really. Very traditional dark wood dining room furniture, and silk drapes. We definitely wanted something more modern and contemporary and Donna helped us accomplish that,” says the client, Ms. Adamson.  

“I really wanted to update the space,” designer Donna Livingston says. “We added a built-in cabinet in the niche and gave the space a fresh new rose, cream and bronze color palette, and created a very neutral space to allow some of the other elements to really pop.” 

Ms. Adamson said she loved the chandelier discovered by Donna, a lighting fixture with blown glass orbs, and said she was so impressed with the quality of the find. Donna also designed the drapes to allow more light to come in.

“To be honest, that’s my favorite part of the room,” Ms. Adamson praises. “I just love how bright the space is, how beautiful the light is as it comes in. It creates such a heavenly feeling.” 

In addition to creating her expert vision in this dining room, Donna is always open to including pieces that are special to the client.  

“We really wanted our artwork to be a focal point of the room, and Donna was very encouraging of that,” says Ms. Adamson. “We found this beautiful artwork in Charleston, because we were looking for something to go with Donna’s design, something we chose. We popped into a gallery in Charleston while attending a debutante ball, so this artwork really has special memories for us as a couple. We think it fits the room perfectly!” 

Designer Donna Livingston knows how to make a room feel contemporary, and her clients feel special. In fact, the Adamsons said one of the best parts about working with someone like Donna is how easy she is to work with, how quick she is to respond, how she’s always on time and went way above and beyond to make sure everything went according to plan.

“She made the entire process just so enjoyable! What really sets her apart is her work ethic, the way she listens to what we wanted, staying as long as it took, and finding problems before we do. Everything was perfect with Donna,” Ms. Adamson said. 

And a satisfied client is a return client…

“We’re so happy with Donna’s work,” Ms. Adamson says, “We’re already thinking of which room she can do next!”


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