Before & After Dining Room

Before & After 

Have you ever noticed how seeing a before picture always adds a new perspective to the after?  This is certainly true for those who have experienced a makeover or a dramatic weight loss.  The same is true for design.  I love how it tells the story of where we started and gives you a real sense of the transformation that took place.  

I am passionate about all forms of transformation!  I think that is what I love most about my work, helping people transform their surroundings into a place that speaks to them and lifts their spirits in a way they never thought possible.  

Pictured below is the Dining Room design for a long term, dear client in Myers Park.  

With our paramount objective to lighten up the space, we chose a fresh new ceiling color, wall color, chandelier, and tall ivory linen drapes that highlight, rather than obstruct, the natural light streaming in.  The sideboard and round table in rich wood stains ground the look without darkening the room.  The clean palette and soft metallic accents are a perfect fit for this client and a beautiful backdrop for the original artwork that brings her happy memories of travels abroad.                                                                                         


After Dining Room   


Before Dining Room 

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