Adding POPS of pattern and color!

Bright colors are making a bold come back in interior design!  

This is a complete reversal from the very long stint we've had in the neutrals phase...  The great news for you is that bright colors are best when paired with neutrals, so they should easily work with what you have.  

For those of you who would like to try the trend without commiting to an entire room, I recommend inviting it into your home in small doses.  In my last blog post, where I featured fun new wallpaper patterns, I suggested applying wallpaper to the inside of a bookcase.  

Below are some snap shots of how you can capture the look~


Love the punch of red for this impromptu bar

Red paint


This soft blue and coral combination makes this cream room pop!

Painted interior


Wallpaper options...

wallpaper cabinet

Wallpaper cabinet 2

wallpaper 2

Closet wallpaper

Do you have a piece of furniture, a built in or an old armoire that you'd like to add a punch of color?  

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