Above and Beyond: Customer Service at dl design

“Customers expect an incredible room from a designer, thats a given. Thats what they expect when they hire any interior designer,” said Donna Livingston. “My focus extends beyond providing incredible interior design…I focus on providing an incredible design experience.”

Donna calls her customer service skills the “foundation of her business,” and believes it is her reverence for her clientstime, money and style that sets her apart.

I do everything in my power to make the whole project a seamless experience from concept to completion,” she said. 

Vision Board

In the visioning stage of the project, Donna is meticulous about measurements and space planning so that every aspect is considered during the initial planning phase. She does her own Autocad drawings, so that she can present complete floorplan drawings to her clients, including elevation considerations and furniture arrangements. 

AutoCAD drawing

She also makes every effort to test out all furniture before ever suggesting it to a client.

“I bring photographs of the pieces I’ve selected, as well as the catalog page, so clients can have an idea of how they will look in real time,” Donna said. “I also test all the furniture myself, including touching it, sitting in it, rolling out drawers , etc – no detail goes untouched. That’s why I attend so many Furniture Market Shows and travel to Design Centers and Trade Showrooms, to try out as much as I can for my clients.”

After subsequent meetings to discuss her client’s wish lists and priorities, and a presentation of space plans and interior selections, Donna then provides a proposal that includes a specific schedule with every item so clients have clear expectations on what to expect when. 


“I keep clients up-to-date on the status of their project and touch base with them often, and make sure everything arrives to our warehouse before we begin installation in their home.”

Donna ensures the installation runs smoothly by creating a checklist of anything she should possibly think about or plan for. Years of experience has taught her to consider things others may overlook. 

Chair in Warehouse

 “My favorite part of the process is handling the behind-the-scenes aspects of the project so that everything is as seamless as possible for my client,” Donna said. “I want it to be a stress-free process for them, so they can have the most enjoyable experience possible. That is what I pride myself on – the nurturing of the process.” 

“To be honest, I invest a lot of myself in the process. It might as well be happening in my own home.”

To work with Donna and experience customer service that is wildly above and beyond, contact Donna at 704.377.7036.